David Beckham was sent off for the first time in Madrid colours during his club’s Spanish Cup win over Valencia.

Beckham was booked for dissent in the 68th minute and got a second yellow for a foul three minutes from time. However, the England captain believed the decision to dismiss him was harsh.

“I was happy with the result but disappointed with the sending off,” Beckham said afterwards.

“I didn’t think it was deserved because I was running back and I just clipped his ankle as I ran back with him.”

“I knew I was going off because the referee (Medina Cantalejo) had been like that all day, not just with Madrid, but with Valencia as well.

“I don’t know what the first card was for. Even if I had said something to the referee he wouldn’t have understood it.

“It’s different for English players in Spain. The mentality is different.

“There are things you can get away with in the Premier League that you can’t do here.

“I wouldn’t have got sent off in England, but I have no qualms with the referee, it’s his decision.”

Madrid won the match 3-0 thanks to goals from Raul, Ronaldo and Luis Figo.