Arsenal’s Dennis Bergkamp has admitted that tonight’s match with Everton could be his final game at Highbury.

The Dutch forward is out of contract in the summer but the club has shown no desire to open talks on a new deal.

“It could be my last game at the stadium because we haven’t sat down yet to talk. I am a bit upset over how it is going,” Bergkamp told The Evening Standard.

“It seems that every season it has to be like this and it is a bit frustrating. I said in November I wanted to stay and I haven’t changed my mind.

“Somehow they always want to leave it until the last minute. Maybe they want to see what comes their way or what will happen if I change my mind. It is difficult for me.

“I am a professional footballer but I am also a dad to four kids. You want to know what the future will bring.

“That’s probably one of the points the club are not good at. I want to make it clear there have been a lot of pluses in my time here and I am really happy. The only bad thing are these sorts of moments.

“I see it as fairly simple. I have said to the club, ‘I can play another year. Do you want me?’ It is up to them. I am not creating anything but this isn’t the first time it has been like this.

“The main thing for me is that I still want it. At any other club that should be enough. ‘The player wants another year? Sign him!’

“Somehow it is different here – and that annoys me a little bit.

“If I don’t play football any more here, it is finished. It is all gone and I will retire.

“I am 36 but you can’t judge anyone by years. I have felt in better shape physically this season than I did two or three years ago. I want to play as long as I feel I am good enough.”