Michael Owen believes his best years are ahead of him, and feels his move to Real Madrid can only help his game.

The England striker has silenced critics with a run of six goals in eight games for Real after a disappointing start to his career at the club.

“Are the best years to come? I don’t think you are going to see a 100% change in my game,” he stated.

“But I think I will improve slightly. Coming out here and playing with good players and playing in a different league with a different culture will maybe round me off a bit more as a player.

“I don’t think you are going to see me change as a player. The goal is always in the same position and the space behind the defence and ‘keeper is always the most dangerous and what I will always go for.

“I will always be the same type of player in that sense but hopefully I will improve on certain aspects.

“I came into football and you score the first 50 goals and then someone says that not many of them are with your head.

“You score a few then with your head and then someone say ‘not many were scored with your left foot’. You can only try to improve.

“For the last two or three years I have practised an awful lot after training with things like shooting with my left foot and everything else.”