Blackburn Rovers have confirmed that they will use the income from the Premiership’s new increased TV deal to cut ticket prices, amid fears that supporters are being priced out of the game.

Blackburn chairman John Williams believes Premiership clubs should use the increased television revenue to cut tickets prices and curb falling attendances.

Williams told the Guardian: “Our view is that some of this new money must be returned to our supporters in admission prices.

“Most clubs, apart from the biggest, have a problem with crowds.”

Williams added: “It is crucial that the game remains a live spectacle.

“The Premier League is becoming increasingly predictable. While it is good we still have a title race, most people can name at the beginning of the season who the top four clubs will be.

“We know price is one of the reasons that people are not coming to matches,” he said.

“Although we have to remain as competitive as we can, we are committing to returning. Some of the increase in TV money to our supporters from next season.”

Blackburn’s average attendance this season at 31,000-capacity Ewood Park is 21,621. Rovers charge between £15 and £39 for adult tickets, around £30 on average.