Adrian Mutu last night received backing from FIFA president Sepp Blatter, who declared that Chelsea must allow national teams’ medical staffs make their own assessments of injuries.

Mutu is in conflict with Chelsea manager Arian Mutu following his decision to overrule his manager’s wishes and play for Romania this weekend. Mourinho has demanded Mutu miss the match through injury, despite the striker claiming he is fit to play.

“This is not the way for coaches to deal with players who are called up for their national team,” said Blatter.

“Mutu is in an open conflict with his coach Mourinho who has forbidden him to play for Romania, saying he is injured, and Mutu says this is not true.

“We cannot accept this happening at a time we are trying to find a workable situation with the international calendar. We will write to the clubs involved and ask for fair play.”