FIFA president Sepp Blatter backed down from his stance that teams may be docked points at the World Cup if their fans are found guilty of racial abuse.

Although the sanctions apply for racist behavior by players, coaches or team officials, Blatter admitted it was too difficult to enforce sanctions to supporters because rival fans could use them to affect the results of games.

Blatter revealed last week that FIFA would deduct three points from teams whose players and fans display racist behavior at the World Cup and added that the sanctions will be implemented at the club level next season.

“Coming to the specific question of the World Cup, yes if it it’s on the field of play, yes if it’s on the technical bench or identified around the football pitch,” Blatter said.

“But, when it comes to the World Cup public, you have an international audience and you don’t know where they are sitting.

“How do you then identify if someone will be or won’t be in favor or against (a team)?”

Blatter said that players lining up before each World Cup game would hold banners condemning racism and, from the quarter-finals onwards, the team captains will read messages before the match.

“What we can do is appeal that there will be no racism,” Blatter said. “This is the only thing we can ask, a little bit of respect.”

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