FIFA president Sepp Blatter has revealed he is worried that German government demands over ticketing security could lead to chaos at the World Cup finals.

The government is insisting that all ticket-holders present ID to prove they are the same people as those whose names appear on the tickets.

Talks held between FIFA and the German authorities on Friday failed to resolve the issue and Blatter voiced his concern about the impasse.

“We only have four weeks to resolve this problem,” he said.

“I can only imagine problems with fans queuing up to go in, holding a ticket and unable to get in. We do not want to have half-empty stadiums with fans outside, refused entry to the match.

“The German authorities are insisting on knowing who is in the stadium, that the fans are safe and secure and so every fan must go to the match with personal ID to prove they are a respected person. We can understand that.

“But on the other hand there is the question of data protection, of fans having to give personal information about themselves. The German authorities are uncomfortable with the situation, and so FIFA is uncomfortable with the situation.”

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