FIFA president Seppp Blatter has criticised the English FA for their handling of the Rio Ferdinand drug test saga.

Blatter noted that the FA hearing on December 18-19th will be held three months after the Manchester United defender failed to produce a sample for drug testers at his club’s training ground.

Blatter also implied that Ferdinand should not be playing club football.

“I thought he was suspended, said Blatter.

‘You would have to nullify all the matches he has played.”

FA executive director David Davies replied: “Rio Ferdinand has been playing in the Champions League, which is seen all over the world. He has not been hidden away.

“No one’s pretending we’re happy with the time it’s taken but we have the processes we have.”

“It is apparent to some of us it was not introduced with people who wouldn’t turn up in mind. We didn’t envisage someone failing to take a test.”