Fifa president Sepp Blatter has told that Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney needs “a clip round the ear”.

Blatter has also chastised Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho for his post-match comments following the club’s Champions League defeat in Barcelona.

Blatter told the London Evening Standard: “With Rooney it is a question of education, he needs a clip round the ear from the management.

“Mourinho is quiet on the bench but should be quieter after the match.”

And he added: “I appeal to Mourinho and Rooney.

“As stars at such a high level they have a responsibility to the fans as well as to the game.

“In football you learn how to win but you must also learn how to lose – it would be good for Rooney and Mourinho to think about this.”

Rooney has been criticised for his behaviour this season, especially following a verbal tirade directed at referee Graham Poll during Manchester United’s encounter with Arsenal at Highbury.

The English Schools Football Association chief executive John Read ALSO suggested that there were “better role models” after they claimed to have dropped plans for Rooney to appear as a guest at one of their under-13 cup semi-finals.