FIFA president Sepp Blatter has criticised the Football Association over its handling of the Rio Ferdinand affair.

Ferdinand failed to attend a routine drugs test in September but the FA have only just announced the date of the disciplinary hearing. Blatter claims the hearing for the Manchester United defender should have been dealt with “within a week”.

“Such cases must be dealt with immediately,” Blatter said.

“You cannot push the case to tomorrow, the day after or whatever.

“The case of Ferdinand is not a case which is under the direct authority of FIFA, but perhaps he is innocent.

“But if he is innocent, then declare him innocent.

“We are not happy, not only with England, but in other federations as well that these cases are not dealt with.”

Blatter’s original criticism of the handling of the affair last month was labelled “incomprehensible” by Manchester United chief executive David Gill on Monday.

Asked to respond to Gill’s comments, Blatter said: “Perhaps it is because he does not have a very clear conscience that he reacted in such a way.

“It is fair play for me to accept criticism but I know how I would react if I was a chief executive officer of a club and saw a FIFA president trying to bring respect and discipline to the game.”