FIFA president Sepp Blatter believes the rules should be changed to restrict the number of overseas players clubs field in their teams.

“The solution is that there should be a minimum,” Blatter told reporters.

“FIFA’s idea is we should have at least six players eligible for the national team of the country in which they play.”

Speaking ahead of the Club World Championship in Japan, Blatter was asked if he thought it was “unfair” that European champions Liverpool sometimes fielded as few as two Englishmen in their starting XI.

“One of the principles of the European Union is the free assimilation of people,” said Blatter.

“You can field as many players from other European countries as you see fit.

“Not just with Liverpool but with other clubs, say Bayern Munich, there are a maximum of one or two (homegrown) players. This situation is not good for football.”

Blatter said a FIFA taskforce was looking into the issue, but at the moment they were powerless to act.

“The national identity of clubs is very important,” he said. “(But) the regulations of club competitions are not made by FIFA but by the national associations.

“It’s up to them and their leagues to limit the entry of foreign players.”

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