FIFA president Sepp Blatter has confirmed that only one country will host Africa’s first World Cup, scupppering the plans of by Tunisia and Libya who hoped to laucn a joint bid to host the 2010 finals.

“One federation with the support of its government will be only capable of organising the World Cup,” said Blatter on Thursday.

“The competition will be confined to one unique nation.”

South Africa, Morocco and Egypt are also in the running for the event which has already been promised to Africa.

Meanwhile, Blatter has once again put himself on collision course with Europe’s top clubs, by announcing that FIFA plans to stage a revamped world club championship will take place in 2005.

The tournament, planned for late July 2005, will involve 12-16 teams from around the world.

“This competition, which was held in 2000, will be staged again to allow clubs to measure up against each other,” said Blatter.

“We are looking at the matches and we will solve the problems in February this year.”