FIFA president Sepp Blatter has dismissed a proposal from the G-14 group of clubs that would see the clubs financially compensated for agreeing to release their players for international matches.

“I will not talk to G14,” Blatter said.

“I did it once and it was not good. The G14 is not a recognised organisation of European football.”

The 18-member G14 wants FIFA and UEFA to compensate clubs for releasing players for World Cup finals and European championships. G14 has theatened to take legal action if the ruling bodies refused to negotiate.

“I cannot imagine that a club would sue UEFA or FIFA,” Blatter said.

“We invite the federations to a World Cup and we pay for travel, accommodation and prize money. What the national federations do with that money is their problem.”

Blatter also claimed that players were playing too many club matches in Europe.

“There is too much football being played at club level,” he said.

“The offer is too big, the demand is getting lower and the revenues are falling.”

‘Having too many games to play could tempt the players to use banned performance-enhancing drugs,’ he added.

“Whoever says this is not a problem is refusing to see reality,” he added.

Blatter alsolamented the growing divide between the top clubs and the rest.

“The rich clubs get the best players and pay for expensive teams. As a result they run in front in their leagues and the others struggle to follow. That can be noticed in Italy, Spain and England.”