Ukraine coach Oleg Blokhin has threatened to resign after claiming he is the victim of a political witchhunt.

Blokhin is a member of the Ukrainian social democratic party in parliament and his role as coach of the national team has come under scrutiny as the constitution prevents him from holding another job.

“If someone doesn’t want to see Blokhin at the post of national coach I’m ready to resign,” Blokhin told AFP.

“I don’t get anything except a headache at that post and I’m ready to quit my job anytime.

“I can call my job on the national team as a kind of teaching, which is allowed for parliament deputies by law,” he added. “Besides, I did not get a single penny for my work there.

“I don’t have any ambitions and am ready to step down, but I gave my word to qualify for the World Cup finals and would do everything to achieve it,” Blokhin said.

“This is important for millions of our fans.”