Valeri Bojinov has confirmed he wants to play for Fiorentina next season after spending a year on loan at Juventus.

The Bulgarian striker scored seven goals in 20 appearances in all competitions and although Juve have an option to buy Bojinov, he is replying to return to Fiorentina next season.

“I come back to Fiorentina who represent, for me, a big side anyway,” Bojinov told the Italian press.

“It’s enough to see the career that Luca Toni had to understand what it means to play in that shirt.

“Anyway, this has been a really good year where I’ve had the chance to train and to play with big players who allowed me to grow and learn many things I’ll take with me for my whole life.

“Certainly, I thought I would play a little more, but it’s okay because now, at Fiorentina, I could use all the things I’ve learned here.”