Former Brazil striker Fred was struck by a flying beer can as Fluminense players came under attack by angry fans at Rio de Janeiro’s Tom Jobim airport on Tuesday.

The 31-year-old was unhurt in the incident, which occurred as the players walked from the airport terminal to the team bus. Fred had to be restrained by security guards after attempting to remonstrate with the supporters.

The incident came in teh wake of Fluminense’s 0-1 defeat to Sport Recife on Sunday. The result left the four-time Brazilian champions 11th in the country’s Serie A standings with just 34 points from 25 matches.

This was not the first time Fred has been the target of fan abuse. Indeed, the striker, who was singled out for criticism during Brazil’s Woerld Cup campaign last year, has had a number of run-insĀ  with irate supporters.

Last year supporters surrounded his car at the club’s training ground car-parking and threatened to attack him. In 2011, he was followed as he drove through the streets of Rio’s Ipanema neighbourhood after being seen in a bar with teammate Rafael Moura. And in 2009 he admitted to being scared “out of his skin” when a security guard fired a gunshot into the air after Fluminense supporters stormed onto the team’s training ground.