Brescia have turned down the chance to sign former France international Emmanuel Petit.

Petit is currently training at former club Arsenal as he looks to maintain fitness while he seeks a new club after being released by Chelsea last summer.

Petit offered his services to Brescia as they search for a replacement for Matias Almeyda, but the club have rejected him, claiming they cannot afford his wages.

“It has to be clear that Petit is a big player, but he makes demands on a sum of about a million euros and we only have €50.000,” Brescia’s Gianluca Nani told Gazzetta dello Sport,

“This is the problem.

“Anyway, Petit isn’t the type of player we are interested in. Surely if it would have to happen like it did with Roberto Baggio and Pep Guardiola, players with class but also with a human and moral importance, we would take it.

“The fact is that there is no more people like them.”