Buckingham Palace to stage first ever match

Buckingham Palace staged its first ever football match today, with the Duke of Cambridge, the FA president, warning the player not to break a window.

The competitive fixture involving two amateur clubs was the idea of the Duke, Prince William.

London side Civil Service FC, the sole survivor of the 11 teams that formed the FA on 26 October 1863, are taking on Polytechnic FC, set up in 1875.

”I cannot tell you how excited I am that later today we will be playing football (soccer) on my grandmother’s lawn,” he said before the game. ”One warning, though: if anyone breaks a window, you can answer to her.”

The pitch was easily accommodated in the 39 acres of gardens, which also includes lakes, shrubs and flowers.

The Prince gave medals to 150  volunteers before the game.

Civil Service FC were selected to take part in the game and suggested that Polytechnic, who are also based in Chiswick, west London, would be fitting opponents.

Polytechnic FC manager Geoff Brown said: “We first played 120 years ago – so there’s a fair bit of history between the two of us.

“The organisation up to the day has been absolutely manic. It’s only now we’re getting the chance to soak it all up and get ready for the experience.

“It’s only been this week that I was able to confirm that everybody in the first and second squads will be able to get to the game as well.