Antonio Cassano’s days at Roma could soon be numbered after the club’s general manager called him a liar.

Cassano spoke earlier this week about his desire to compromise on his demands in order to sign a new deal with the club.

But he also said the club were forcing him out and “making a fool” of him.

“He is a liar and our lawyers are evaluating his comments,” said Rosella Sensi, Roma’s general manager.

“I’ve said before that the Cassano issue is closed. I am not speaking anymore with someone who is incoherent….he is the one who is making fools of the club and the fans”.

Cassano could leave Roma on a free transfer in June when his contract expires but it looks likely that he will be sold during the transfer window in January.

Cassano had said that he had twice made concessions over his salary but that Roma were not prepared to compromise. Sensi denied this version of events.

“It is not true that he made two steps back. He has never done that and in fact we made a step forward in the negotations, so he really can’t be alllowed to come out with certain things. We have been very patient but he undervalued the importance of our offer,” she said.

“Cassano has had all the time that he wanted and his response is only lies.”

A combination of injuries and the contract dispute have restricted him to just two appearances in Serie A so far this season, and he was not considered for international selection by Italy coach Marcello Lippi.