Celtic have turned down a bid from Fulham for Stilian Petrov.

Celtic have confirmed Fulham made a move for Petrov and that the player, but manager Gordon Strachan has rejected the bid.

“Out of courtesy we told him that there was interest and a bid from Fulham,” said Strachan.

“Stan listened to what I had to say but he is a big player for us and he is going to be even bigger so there’s no way I’ll let him go.

“He sat there, listened, didn’t say a word and then thanked me and walked out. There has been a bid but he is not going anywhere.

“I want to build a team around Stilian Petrov and people like him. We had a brief conversation and he didn’t say a word which is good.

“He’s buzzing now and he was absolutely fantastic last week against Rangers.

“He’s not for sale as long as I’m here.

“I know we’ve all said that as managers and if somebody comes in with a bid of £50 million then I’ll say `thanks Stan’ but that’s life.”