Jose Mourinho believes that those people who are looking forward to see his team capitulate when they eventually lose a game, are in for a disappointment.

Speaking ahead of Real Betis’ visit to Stamford Bridge, Mourinho said that he was unconcerned by the prospect of his team suffering their first defeat of the season.

“If anybody thinks the day Chelsea lose or don’t play so well that we will suffer a pyschologically negative side, I don’t think that’s so,” Mourinho insisted.

“We are very well prepared for the other side of the coin.”

Mourinho demurred at the suggestion that Chelsea are currently playing the best football in Europe.

“It depends what kind of football you enjoy, which sauce you prefer,” he said. “It’s very difficult to say but at the moment we are winning and playing well and that’s what I like.”

Mourinho, who won this competition with Porto two seasons ago, is not underestimating the challenge posed by Betis.

“I said after the draw that the group was very dangerous not because of Liverpool but because of Betis,” he said.

“They have players with experience in a tough league like Spain. I like their way of playing. They have a lot of quality in their attacking players and they use that and try to play football.

For his part, Real Betis coach Llorenç Serra Ferrer seems unperturbed by the prospect of facing one of Europe’s in-form teams.

“We have come here to try and win and if we play to the best of our ability, using the strengths we have, then it could become reality,” Serra Ferrer said.

In Joaquin, Betis have a talent who can hurt the Premiership leaders.

Chelsea’s Spanish defender, Asier Del Horno, acknowledged the threat posed by his compatriot.

“If we allow Betis to play, Joaquín could be really dangerous,” he said.

“Betis are the type of side who may find it difficult to qualify every year and that will be firmly in their minds,” he said. “They will be trying to go as far as they can in this competition.