Group A
Club Brugge v Juventus

In a bold move, Club Brugge manager Jans Culemans has insisted that he will not waver from his favored 4-4-3 formation ahead of tonight’s clash against Juventus.

“The formation is not without its risks”, he said. “But then all formations are risky in some sense”

The attacking triumvirate is likely to consist of Marek Spilar, Javier Portillo (on loan from Real Madrid) and ex-Aston Villa striker Bosko Balaban, despite the latter nursing two broken toes. Elsewhere, goalkeeper Tomislav Butina and defender Michael Klukowski are out through injury, whilst captain Gert Verheyen is suspended.

The visitors will be wary of Brugge’s attacking prowess, particularly given the fact that their rearguard will bereft of Gianaluigi Buffon, who has yet to recover from the shoulder injury he incurred in pre-season, as well as French pair Lilian Thuram and Jonathan Zebina.

Coach Fabio Capello has intimated that Federico Balzaretti will replace Gianluca Pesotto in defence, and that Ginaluca Zambrotta will play in a “slightly different role” – possibly in midfield, with youngster Giorgo Cheillini assuming the latter’s nominal left back role.