Chelsea have confirmed they want to sign Milan striker Andrii Shevchenko.

Shevchenko called a news conference on Friday to confirm that he was thinking of quitting Milan for “family reasons”.

Jose Mourinho said Chelsea want “to go after players of big quality, Shevchenko and another one”.

Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon added: “I think Shevchenko is the type of player we would like.

“You stand a chance but there is a long way to go in the summer. It has got to be 50-50 but I would not say that it is any more than that.

“We have shown our interest in Shevchenko the last two seasons and had dialogue with Milan.

“At the end of the day to improve what we have got, it has to be a great player and Shevchenko certainly comes into that class.”

German skipper Michael Ballack is set to be unveiled by Chelsea on Monday as Mourinho looks to strengthen his squad.

“I think the natural thing is that you have a big striker to join us and to make this group stronger,” said Mourinho.

“I cannot say it is Shevchenko – Shevchenko is a player that belongs to Milan and Milan have a three or four-year contract with him.

“They can say the same thing we are saying in relation to (William) Gallas – no offers and no way of leaving because this is the power the clubs can have when they have a contract with the players.”