Liverpool take on José Mourinho’s Chelsea at Anfield on Saturday. Click here for the latest odds!

Chelsea chief Peter Kenyon has dismissed reports of a rift between manager Jose Mourinho and owner Roman Abramovich.

However, Kenyon said Mourinho will not be given “extensive” funds during the January transfer window to cope with the club’s lengthy injury list.

“The board and the owner fully support Jose and Jose is fully on board in looking to achieve more success on the field,” Kenyon told BBC Sport.

“We will not be spending extensive amounts of money.”

Reports had claimed that Mourinho’s days in charge were numbered and that he would leave the club in the summer.

“There’s not a lot I can do about speculation,” added Kenyon. “We are very confident that both the manager and the board are together on how we make Chelsea even more successful.

“Jose has made it quite clear that he loves Chelsea and he and his family enjoy living in London.

“He’s got a contract to 2010 and he wants to finish what we started when we brought him in. That was a long-term plan for Chelsea being successful on the field.

“There’s no crisis at Chelsea. How many clubs would like to be six points away from the leader of the Premiership at this time, halfway through the season?

“What other club is in contention for all four trophies this season?”

Last week Mourinho claimed the board was not prepared to back him financially, as he looked to recruit during the transfer window.

“Jose’s fully involved in the players we bring in or move out,” said Kenyon.

“We’ve talked to a couple of clubs over a couple of players. There’s nothing done yet.

“If we do, we will not be spending extensive amounts of money (and will) only be bringing someone in who is of use longer-term than the next two and a half, three months.

“We’re not going for a big success and then a bust. We’re not in it for this season, we’re in it for a lot longer than that.

“The investments that have been made right across the piece are to support Chelsea being successful over many years to come.”

And he said Mourinho may have to field young homegrown players in the first team.

“We’ve invested heavily in the squad but, equally, we’ve invested heavily in our youth and training facilities,” he said.

“Part of our overall plan – and it’s always been part of our plan – is that we started to generate talent that could end up in the first-team squad.

“That is… a key component of Chelsea becoming profitable.

“We weren’t looking, and aren’t looking, to regularly play a number of 16 and 17 year olds that clearly are not right for that first-team squad yet.

“But it is going to happen during the course of the season and we have to accept that and if there wasn’t a window today we wouldn’t be talking about bringing players in.”

Liverpool take on José Mourinho’s Chelsea at Anfield on Saturday. Click here for the latest odds!