Roman Abramovich would like to see his Chelsea side playing exciting football rather than the more prosaic entertainment on offer under current coach Claudio Ranieri.

Chelsea have been an effective unit this season but depsite Abrammovich’s £120m investment, their football has yet to capture the imagination.

But Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon told the Daily Telegraph: “Roman wants exciting, good football. It is not just a case of winning it (the championship) with more draws than anyone else or fewer goals.

“He does understand from a real fan’s perspective that you all want to romance about the fifth goal that got knocked in from 30 yards.”

Kenyon also claimed that Abramovich wants Chelsea to become a self financing organisation to avoid the problems afffecting clubs like Leeds.

“What sets Roman apart is that most people spend the money acquiring a club but very few people acquire a club and then spend the same again in improving what is on the field,”Kenyon said.

“You don’t do that unless you are a) committed to the long term and b) emotional about the product.”

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