Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon is confident that this season’s success will not be a one-off as the club strives to secure a lasting legacy.

“What has happened this season is a remarkable achievement,” said Kenyon, who predicted more Chelsea success.

“But there’s nothing with the team or set-up that suggests it’s a one-off.”

He added: “The key for us is that it’s sustainable.”

A win against Bolton at the weekend will secure Chelsea’s first league title for 50 years.

And on Monday, the club unveiled a record club sponsorship deal of £50m over five years with electronics firm Samsung.

But the club, who have been bankrolled to the tune of £200m by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, inted to be sefl-financing within the next five years.

Kenyon said: “We have plans and parameters and Jose is very comfortable and happy with those.

“Clearly, there are two aspects to this company becoming profitable – one is the ability to grow sales and the other one is to control costs.

“Everyone has bought into that, including Jose, and we’re committed to our academy system and youth structure.

“Jose feels that whether it’s £1m or £10m being spent he needs to justify it. Each player is one of 24 and he needs them to perform well.

“It’s not about pressure from Abramovich. He’s a serious businessman and is committed completely.

“But although there is a lot of flexibility, we all think, for the long-term, that Chelsea have to reach a position whereby the club is run right as a business, as well as on the field.

“I don’t think that one is in conflict with the other. It’s about the long-term sustainability of Chelsea FC.”