Chile coach Argentine Jorge Sampaoli has dismissed speculation suggesting he is poised to resign, after earlier reports claimed he was prepared to walk away.

“I have been here (Chile) for seven years. My life remains linked to Chile. I am thinking about staying in Santiago,” said Sampaoli at a news conference at the National Association of Professional Football of Chile (ANFP).

Sampaoli, who led Chile to victory in the Copa America 2015, had spoken of his disenchantment with the country after details of his multi-million dollar contract were leaked.

He described this as a “disorder in leadership” which occurred after the president of the ANFP, Sergio Jadue,  resigned in November 2015 due to his involvement in the 2015 Fifa corruption case.

“My contract was leaked which violated confidentiality. The leaked information made me look like someone who evaded taxes,” said Sampaoli.

“It was speculated I had accounts in tax havens. Officials cleared this up. They (the newspapers who leaked the contract details) tried to hurt me and indirectly hurt the country because of the position I hold today,” he added.

Recently, through various statements given to the local media, the coach has mentioned his desire to leave.

Despite this, Sampaoli said on Wednesday “it isn’t true that I don’t want to live and work in Chile anymore.”

“I am not an idol but part of a successful process,” concluded the coach.

Last month, Wallim Vasconcellos, a candidate for the presidency of Brazilian club Flamengo claimed, if elected, Sampaoli had agreed to become the club’s new coach.

“He has received other proposals. But knows the strength and greatness of Flamengo, having a challenging proposition that motivates rather professional level, even mentioned the strength of the red-black crowd,” Sampaoli’s representative, Gelson Baresi, told Globoesporte.