Europe’s bigger leagues are looking for a bigger share of revenue from the Champions League from 2009, the chief executive of the European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) has revealed.

“We will be seeking more money for the new period of the Champions League from 2009 and a bigger say in how it is distributed,” Emanuel Medeiros told Reuters.

The EPFL, recognised by UEFA, represents the 15 biggest leagues in Europe.

Medeiros was speaking after a public hearing in Brussels in to how the game is run across the European Union.

Medeiros denied that the EPFL was a mouthpiece for the G14 group, which represents 18 of Europe’s wealthiest clubs.

“We are not just talking about the clubs which qualify for the Champions League, but also those who don’t make it,” he said.

“Our view is that the clubs qualify from a league of clubs and the money should be distributed evenly down the line.”

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