The fall-out from the claims that Chelsea made an illegal approach to Arsenal full-back Ashley Cole, continues to rumble on.

Newspapers have been buzzing with speculation over England left back Cole this week, following reports that he met Chelsea bosses at a London hotel.

Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger is concerned his team’s morale has been affected by reports that Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho met with Cole last week to discuss a move to Stamford Bridge.

“He (Wenger) can call me,” Mourinho told reporters.

“I want to buy a left back because I have only one and I always want two players for every position,” the Portuguese manager said.

“I have a top left back. I need a player to give protection. I don’t need a superstar.

If Chelsea are found to have made an illegal move for Cole, , they could be fined or even deducted points.

Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein is reported to be studying the evidence before decing whether to make a formal complaint to the FA.

Wenger, meanwhile, said the matter now rested with Arsenal’s directors.

“Do we take the matter further? I feel that has to be discussed by the board,” Wenger told a news conference.

“I must say at the moment our worry is to get Ashley concentrated on the next game and not on this story. I just feel this whole story didn’t help us.

“I have not asked Ashley about it because we play Aston Villa on Saturday, we don’t play Chelsea. We play a game that is much more important than that story.

“What does it bring to us to talk about that story? Nothing. If the meeting has happened, it has happened anyway.

“If Chelsea want a player they can call us and we will answer yes or no. It’s as simple as that. And with Ashley it would be no, of course.

“Could it affect Ashley’s focus? It could happen, yes. As a football player you have to deal with different kinds of situations.

“I don’t make the rules, it’s only the FA and the Premier League that can decide that. But it’s not my target and not my purpose.

“I’m not responsible for Chelsea’s behaviour, I’m not responsible to punish them if they have behaved badly.”