Argentine striker Hernan Crespo has revealed that he is happy to stay at Chelsea, despite feeling homesick.

Crespo says he still misses Italy even though his family have now joined him in London.

“I have another two years on my contract and I think I will stay here. But what I said was I don’t know because the last four summers I changed teams and I had contracts then as well,” Crespo told reporters on Friday.

“I’m sure it’s not my decision, it will be Chelsea’s decision. If they are very happy to keep me here then I will stay.

“Homesick is homesick. I miss so many little things, but I’m a professional player and I play in a big team and I play in a team who have a lot of opportunities to win.

“My career maybe has another five years and if I have two years more here I don’t know how many other teams permit me to play in a high level or allow me to win a lot of trophies like Chelsea. So why do I need to change? Maybe I need to live with this homesickness.”

Crespo has been in impressive form for Chelsea in the last month, but he accepts he will not be guaranteed a place in the starting line-up when Didier Drogba returns from the African Nations Cup.

“When I came here what Jose Mourinho said to me was very clear. He said I have two great strikers – Didier and you – and I select what I think is a better team depending on the kind of match we play. We share the matches,” said Crespo.

“Now I have more space because Didier went to the African Cup. But when Didier comes back we will start again. My holiday is finished!

“I know that but we have two or three very hard months ahead and we need everybody. It’s impossible for me and for him to play all the matches. I think we have showed that the first thing is Chelsea. Win a trophy and everybody wins.”

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