Hernan Crespo has stated that he will not take a drop in wages to return to Chelsea.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho admitted he would like Crespo back at Stamford Bridge, when his season long loan deal at Milan comes to an end this month.

However, Crespo has reacted furiously to reports that he will have to take a drop in wages of up to 50 percent.

“There has been conversation about going back to Chelsea but I’m just not sure it is possible now,” said Crespo.

“Am I to take half of what I was paid because they no longer want to pay me what is written on my contract?

“Some people would say that option is insulting.

“My time in Italy has been good and it will be difficult to go to Chelsea.

“I cannot understand it because it is not like they do not have the money.”

Crespo is keen to remain in Italy and Milan want him to stay.

“I’d keep Crespo willingly at Milan,” said Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti.

“But Crespo is owned by Chelsea and so there is a talk needed with the English side.”