The prospects of Scotland’s Old Firm clubs Celtic and Rangers joining the Premier League, appear to have received a fatal blow with the resignation of Adam Crozier as the English Football Association’s chief executive.

Rangers chairman John McClelland says Scotland’s two biggest clubs lost their closest ally in England when fellow Scot Crozier quit last week.

“There is nothing more that can be done to further our case,’ admitted McClelland. ‘When Adam Crozier resigned last week our last chance of relocating in England went with him.

“He left his job because the premiership clubs want to run the game down south.

“If they are to be given control of their own destiny – and the clubs in that league have already voted overwhelmingly in favour of not admitting the Old Firm (Celtic and Rangers) – then there is even less chance of agreement to admit the Old Firm to the premiership at the expense of two other clubs.”

With Scottish football increaingly dominated by the two Glasgow clubs, there have been calls for the clubs to quit the Scottish Premier League to play their football in England.

McClelland added: “I think the majority of Old Firm fans would rather we played outside of Scotland.

“But I detect there is still a large element who want to see us make the most of the Scottish Premier League and have no interest in the prospect ofgoing to see Rangers or Celtic play, say, Southampton one day.”