Johan Cruyff has once again criticised Jose Mourinho, insisting the Chelsea coach has not earned the respect of his peers.

The two became involved in aa war of wrds recently when Cruyff criticised Chelsea for their defensive style of football, insisting they were sacrificing entertainment for results at any cost.

Mourinho hit back by claiming Cruyff was living in the past and challenged the Dutchman to teach him how to become a better manager.

Cruyff has now responded and claims he would happily teach Mourinho.

“Between spectacular, controlled football, which I defend and will always defend, and results-based football there is a world of difference,” the former Barca coach told La Vanguardia.

“An inadequate team has to try and defend as it can, but a great team, with great players, always has to give something more.

“What’s more, it has to for the good of football.

“For that reason I don’t sympathise with coaches who put results above everything else, who only think about themselves and not about football itself.

“I am happy to hear that Mourinho would like me to teach him a few of the things that I stand for.

“I could teach him how to play very well, just like at Ajax in the 70s or Barcelona in the 90s.

“I would happily teach him not just about winning and playing well, but also about winning respect from people, and that is more important than the titles you win.

“At his age he has had enough time to learn about winning and losing. Winning the respect of people is a different story.”