Internazionale coach Hector Cuper has spoken for the first time about Ronaldo’s decision to leave the club, describing the move as a surprise and denying that the Brazilian moved because he did not get on with Cuper.

Ronaldo stated that his relationship with Cuper was among the reasons for his decision to move to Real Madrid, but Cuper claims the Brazilian was just looking for an excuse toquit Inter.

“I am very surprised about how Ronaldo changed so much after the World Cup,” said Cuper.

“We had always a good relationship,’ he added. ‘We had never had a problem before so it sounds very strange to me that the problem for Ronaldo has been the coach of Inter.

“Ronaldo had said several times before that he liked the President, the t-shirt, the society and the supporters, also Italy and pasta and then he only leaves because he doesn’t like the coach, that is a little thing in comparison with all the rest.

“Ronaldo needed an excuse for leaving Inter and that is what he has done.”

Hernan Crespo has subsequently arrived at Inter and Cuper is confident that the Argentinian striker will prove himself a capable replacement for Ronaldo.

“Crespo will replace Ronaldo very well, I am very satisfied with his arrival because I know that Vieri and Crespo could make lots of problems to our rivals,’ said Cuper.

“I think that Inter will be a very competitive team that will do everything possible to reach all the objectives, including the Champions League.

“I am very satisfied from the market because we have bought very important players like Cannavaro, Crespo, Almeyda, Adani, Gamarra and Morfeo.”