Ronaldo, who left Inter for Real Madrid last month, claimed he was forced to play and train when unfit and was left out of the team when he was ready to play. But Cuper denies this was the case.

“Last season, before sending Ronaldo on the field, I always consulted the medical team and the player’s personal trainer,” Cuper told the Corriere della Sera.

“I always asked what would be the right thing to do.” Cuper said Ronaldo’s training routine was verifiable as Inter kept detailed records.

“The work that every player does in training, day by day, is recorded in his personal file and we have all the details to offer a complete framework of what was done with Ronaldo through the season,” added Cuper.

“I really can’t understand whatreason I would have to ruin Ronaldo. It was always my dream to coach someone like him … only an idiot would think about ruining a player.

“Of Ronaldo I just want to offer a reminder that despite my attempts to ruin his career he enjoyed a beautiful World Cup, he won it and he was top scorer. I am staying calm about this though, because I don’t loose sleep about those who tell lies,” said the former Valencia coach.