Sevilla president sentenced to 7 years in jail

A Spanish court has sentenced the president of Sevilla to seven years in prison for embezzlement and corruption.

Madrid’s Supreme Court upheld most of a 2011 ruling by a lesser court that found Jose Maria del Nido and former mayor of Marbella, Julian Munoz, guilty of devising a scheme to divert money from the Marbella’s public accounts.

The Supreme Court reduced the original sentence of 7 1/2 years by six months. It could have been a lot worse for del Nido – prosecutors had been demanding a 30-year prison term!

Del Nido cannot appeal the sentence, but he can ask for a government pardon.

The corruption ring revolved around former mayor Julian Munoz, who in 2011 was also sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison.

After previously refusing to resign, Del Nido is to now stand down as Sevilla president after 11 largely successful years in charge, during which time the club won a UEFA Cup, a Europa League and a UEFA Super Cup.