Lionel Messi’s nutritionist has revealed the secrets of the Barcelona man’s diet.

Dr Giuliano Poser has been working with the man regarded as the world’s best footballer since the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, and in that time has helped Messi lose thee kilograms.

Dr Poser shared Messi’s dietary tips with Barcelona based newspaper Mundo Deportivo.

According to Dr Poser the 28-year-old steers clear of sweets, bread and pasta in order to keep himself in tip top shape.

“Sugar. It is the worst thing for muscles,” the nutritionist told Mundo. “The less sugar he has the better.

“Refined flours are also a big problem, basically because today it is very difficult to find healthy wheat, [with] unpolluted [grains].”

Dr Poser is relatively strict about consuming meat and advises the world’s best player to eat ‘much less than Argentinians and Uruguayans usually eat’. Salt, though, in small doses, is fine, as “the muscles and body need it.”

Mundo say Messi’s body became more light and fibrous after they started working together in 2014. The proof of the pudding, though…

Since then Messi has scored 98 goals in 102 games for Barcelona, but his record in the two previous seasons was even better, netting 101 in just 96 appearances. Although the impact of two more intensive years playing at the very highest, most demanding level, cannot be overlooked.