Coach Raymond Domenech said he felt sorry for his France players after he was booed by the supporters during the 2-1 victory over Hungary in a friendly on Tuesday.

Domenech was verbally abused by the Metz crowd for his continued refusal to select Robert Pires – a former player at Metz.

“I really felt sorry for the players who were on the pitch,” Domenech told a news conference.

“I can understand that people don’t agree with my choices but the problem is that I’m the one in charge.

“If it was just about me, I wouldn’t have made any comments about this.

“It’s not the first time that I was booed on a pitch…I’m used to it. But I’m sad for my guys.

“Asking for another guy to play when the team is doing a great job, it’s humiliating. It’s a lack of respect for those who are struggling for the win.”

Supoorters paraded banners, one of which read: “Pires in the national squad, Domenech out”.

The win was France’s first at home since Domenech replaced Jacques Santini in July 2004.

“I pick my squad according to the performance of the players with their clubs,” the coach added.

“My first intention remains to qualify France for next year’s World Cup and nothing else.”