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France coach Raymond Domenech has criticised Arsene Wenger saying he is “getting seriously tired” of the Arsenal manager’s complaints over the way the national side have handled Thierry Henry.

“Once and for all, this problem needs to be sorted out.

“I’m starting to get seriously tired of Mr Wenger, and he is starting to get on everyone’s nerves. He doesn’t know absolutely everything.

“He is not the only one who has a right to exist in the world of football.” fumed Domenech on Thursday.

Wenger this week blamed Henry’s disapppointing season on what he believes has been his mishandling by the national team.

Henry has suffered from various injuries this season and has now been ruled out for the rest of Arsenal’s Premiership campaign with groin and stomach strains.

“I don’t take responsibility for that (the injury) because I feel Thierry has been badly managed by the French national team,” said Wenger.

Wenger’s main grievance arose from an international friendly against Bosnia, on August 16 – in which Henry played the full 90 minutes – three days before the start of the Premiership campaign.

“I don’t know how he can explain what he means when he says that a player who plays in August gets injured in March,” responded Domenech.

“He (Wenger) forgot to say that every time Thierry Henry played a match for France, three days afterwards he was playing for Arsenal. He was never injured whilst playing any of the matches for France.

“We never allowed ourselves to take the risk with a player. We have a clear conscience. Every one does their job. I don’t need any lessons here,” he added.

“I am tired of these attacks, which are not especially against me. Mr Wenger has criticised the France team for a long time.

“He criticised (UEFA president) Michel Platini the day he was elected. After awhile it becomes tiring.

“It is not because you have trouble at your club that you look towards others,” he concluded.

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