Ukrainian officials have demanded that Dynamo Kyiv be awarded a win after their match at Roma was abandoned when referee Anders Frisk was struck by a missile.

“Uefa could disqualify Roma from playing at home and to say they lost the match,” said Ukrainian football federation president Hryhoriy Surkis.

Kyiv were leading 1-0 at the time of the incident.

“Dynamo had the advantage,” he added on the Dynamo Kyiv website.

“Their rivals were cavalier, cynical, impertinent and ignored the rules of fair play.

“By looking at the big picture we can say the guilt lies squarely at the door of the Roma players.”

Frisk left the pitch at half time with blood pouring from a head wound. The incident occurred moments after he had sent off Roma’s Philippe Mexes.

Uefa’s disciplinary committee is expected to meet on Thursday to discuss the incident.

UEFA delegate Andre Francioli said: “Frisk suspended the game because he wasn’t in condition to continue, because he was seriously hurt and because his security was not guaranteed.”