Unsettled Lyon striker Giovane Elber has reacted angrily to the news that the club has dropped him from their squad list.

Each club in France has to register a squad list containing no more than four non-EU players and Brazilian Elber has been omitted for the remainder of the season.

Brazilians Juninho, Cris, Nilmar and Claudio Cacapa will take up their quota of non-EU players for the rest of the season.

Elber angered doctors at the club earlier this season when he ignnore dtheir advice and underwent a second operation on his ankle.

“On mid-December we agreed I would follow my rehabilitation in Brazil until January 8,” said Elber.

“On January 3, I sent a fax to the club to tell them I would be at their disposal on January 8.

“I am disappointed and hurt because it is the first time I had such problems in a club.

“I can only repeat all this is not very professional. But I won’t wait without reaction, if not I would have stayed in Brazil.

“The best would be for all to be put around a table to have a man’s talk.

“I admit Nilmar is an excellent player. But they can’t ban me like that. There is a problem and we have to settle it.”