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Emerson has insisted that he denied a claim that he refused to play for Real Madrid and says he has no plans to leave the club.

The Brazilian midfielder has been accused of not wanting to play in games at the Bernabeu, a charge he vehemently denies.

“I have two more years on my contract and I only think about improving, not leaving,” Emerson said.

“I only think about the team and in the possibilities we have of winning the league.

“I prefer to play, but, I repeat, it isn’t up to me. I work to improve because I’m not playing half as well as I did at other teams.

“I have to work harder in order for the coach to count on me. I can never refuse to play.”

Reports have suggested that Emerson had an agreement with Capello to allow the player to choose which matches he plays in after becoming fed up with the verbal abuse he was receiving from home supporters at the Bernabeu.

“There was never a pact,” the player insisted. “The coach decides who plays and I always respect his decisions.

“It simply isn’t true that I refused to play a game; I have never refused to play. I always do what the coach asks of me. I have never seen a player complain to Capello.

“We are a team and we are all capable of playing,” he added. “I don’t think my team-mates are hurt or bitter. They know I could do more for the team.

“I know this too. It’s normal for the rest to support a team-mate when he is having problems. That’s what it means to be united. I am happy with their support.

“True men speak face to face and I have never heard them say anything against me, but I can’t say if they have criticised me behind my back.

“I see them every day and I’m sure they would tell me if they had a problem with me. That’s how things should be on a winning team.

“This is a new experience I have to get through. Life’s like that. One day you are on top and another you’re not.

“I have to improve and be the Emerson I was at Juventus and with Brazil in order to help Real Madrid. This is my problem. It isn’t anybody else’s fault.”

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