The English Football Association has asked for England to be awarded an extra Champions League place if Liverpool win this year’s trophy.

As things stands, the FA faces an difficult decision if Liverpool win the competition but fail to finish fourth in the Premiership.

It could award a place to Liverpool but that would be at the expense of the fourth-placed Premiership team, which at present looks likely to be Everton.

An FA spokesman said discussions had begun, but Uefa has so far ruled out the possibility of awarding an additional place.

Uefa chief executive Lars-Christer Olsson told the Daily Express: “There is no way England can have more than four teams so we would refer it to the English FA to make the decision if it arises.

“But normally I would say that it’s more important if you are qualified through your national league position than if you have won the competition.”

The decision would be made by the FA’s main board, in consultation with the professional game board and the Premier League.

Everton are currently four points clear of Liverpool in the Premiership, with a game in hand.

Liverpool play Chelsea in the first leg of their Champions League semi-final at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday.