Instead, English football’s governing body will concentrate on hosting UEFA tournaments – with Wembley bidding to host the Euro 2020 semi finals and final.

Dyke was giving evidence to the Culture Media and Sport (CMS) select committee on Tuesday regarding the bidding process for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, which has been hit by allegations of corruption and bribery.

The FA Chairman says there is no chance of England winning the right to stage the World Cup while Blatter – who is expected to run for a fifth term in 2015 – remains in football’s top job.

“We’ve already taken the decision that we will not bid for FIFA tournaments – our decision is we will concentrate in the years ahead on bidding for UEFA tournaments. We wouldn’t win (a future World Cup bid),” Dyke said.

“I don’t think we should walk out of FIFA because within a week everyone has forgotten you.”

Not only that, but it would be hugely counter-productive for a country desperately trying to assert some power in football’s corridors of power.

Dyke believes that if Blatter does re-run for the FIFA presidency, he will almost certainly win.

“Quite a lot of the European FAs made it very clear they didn’t support him but I’m afraid from the rest of the world there’s overwhelming support.

“If he runs again he’ll win but I think it’s unlikely we at the FA would vote for him.”

The UEFA president, Michel Platini, once an ally of Blatter, but more recently touted as a rival to the FIFA chief, withdrew his support. He argues that FIFA needed a “breath of fresh air”. Dyke, meanwhile, has called for widespread reform of football’s governing body but admitted it was unlikely to occur under Blatter.

“We think there’s a limited amount of time people should sit on the FIFA executive,” Dyke said. “We voted in favour of that but most voted against it. It’s that sort of reform that is needed to make sure we get proper turnover.

“Hopefully a new president coming in would take a look at the whole structure.”