Officials of the English Football Association officials have called on national coach Sven-Goran Eriksson to defend himself against mounting calls for his resignation over his affair with an FA secretary.

After denying last week that Eriksson had been involved in an affair with an FA employee, the FA was forced into an embarrassing climbdown over the weekend following revelatons in a Sunday newspaper.

It has also been revealed that FA chief executive Mark Palios had a fling with the same woman.

Board member David Henson believes the affair warrants an investigation.

“It makes us look like idiots because there was a denial and then we were told that it did happen,” he told The Guardian.

“We are left looking like mugs and that can’t be right. We have been left high and dry.

“There’s so many questions to answer and we will be expecting those to be answered this week.”

And an FA Council member told BBC Sport: “I don’t think people are very impressed by what has gone on recently.

“Things don’t appear to have been handled particularly well and I’m sure questions will be asked and explanations sought.”

The FA board was not due to meet until August 26 but Henson’s remarks couuld force an emergency meeting this week.

Eriksson is currently on holiday in Sweden and when he returns he will also face criticism for his handling of the England team at Euroo 2004.

FA Director of Football Trevor Brooking, who compiled the report into England’s performances, criticised the skill level and tactical awareness of the England team.

“Rooney had become a key factor and we must look at our flexibility to adapt. We have to look at areas where we can learn from that. Against Portugal we scored an early goal, but did we sit back too much?

“Did we get stretched at times? We didn’t pass the ball well enough or keep possession and when you’re ahead that’s an important element – to keep the ball better than we did.”

“We need to try to get three or four more who could add that little bit extra, which will make the difference. Everyone still feels 2006 is a great opportunity for the current nucleus of England players to really have a chance of winning the competition.”