Acting chief of the English Football Association (FA), David Davies, has hinted Sven-Goran Eriksson’s job may be safe.

FA Chief executive Mark Palios quit after claims the FA tried to keep his affair with a secretary under wraps by exposing Eriksson’s links with the same woman.

The England coach is under pressure for allegedly misleading the FA – a claim he vehemently denies.

“It’s a time for us to rally the staff and Sven is very popular and respected by the players,” said Davies.

“Sven has a consistent track record everywhere he has worked.

“He wants to be coach and is one of the outstanding coaches in the world, that is why many clubs seek his services.”

It is thought Eriksson’s survival prospects will be determined by the interpretation of a telephone conversation he had with Davies after the story first broke.

Asked by Davies whether he was having an affair with Alam, Eriksson is alleged to have replied: “this is nonsense”, which Davies took to mean it was not true.

However, the Swede has said since that he has never confirmed nor denied the affair – suggesting that his “nonsense” remark referred to the fact that the issue was now being discussed by the press.

Ultimately, the core issue is whether whether Eriksson lied to his employers, which in turn forced them to issue a denial of the story which they later had to retract.

The FA inquiry begins today with Eriksson expected to give evidence on Tuesday.