Fifa president Sepp Blatter believes that Michael Essien should be punished for his tackle on Liverpool’s Dietmar Hamann in Tuesday’s UEFA Champions League encounter, even though the incident was not seen by the referee.

Earlier in the season, Essien’s challenge was responsible for a similar challenge on Bolton’s Tal Ben Haim which went unpunished.

Blatter now says that the FA misinterpreted a Fifa directive and that Essien could still face disciplinary action.

“Fifa decided at the 1994 World Cup that television evidence can be used in the case of fouls that have not been identified by the referee or identified wrongly,” he stated.

“It was a rule later brought in in all Fifa competitions and by most national associations. When a referee expels a player on a red card and it is obvious he has made a mistake, then it is up to the league or national associations to change the decision.

“In the case of a Champions League decision, it is a matter for Uefa, but according to Fifa principles if it is a blatant red card offence, or no card at all has been issued, the disciplinary body can change the decision and make it a red card.”

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