Michael Essien’s agent has admitted that the player would like to move to the Premiership but is concerned that Lyon’s exorbitant asking price could prevent any potential move.

Lyon have so far truned down several offerts from Chelsea for the 22-year-old midfielder.

Fabien Piveteau told BBC Sport: “The problem is that Chelsea want him but, for now, the bid is too small for Lyon.

“If possible he would prefer to come to England. He speaks English, he likes English football.

“Lyon want big, big money for the player,” added Piveteau.

“The problem for Chelsea is when they arrive for discussions with another club the price is doubled.

“Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal would interest him.

“I know the Arsenal coach likes him very well but, for now, there have been no discussions.

“At Manchester I had discussions with their coach two months ago but after that there has been no news.

“For Liverpool there could be a solution because Lyon want Milan Baros and it may be possible to organise for Baros to go to Lyon and Michael to go to Liverpool – and the same for Chelsea with Didier Drogba.”