Fifa president Sepp Blatter has condemned the Spanish FA for the €9000 fine it imposed on Real Zaragoza for the racist abuse of Samuel Eto’o, describing the lenient punishment as “ridiculous”.

Zaragoza were fined following the racist abuse directed at Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o but Blatter believes the punishment should have been more harsher.

“In my opinion, the disciplinary decision they have taken is ridiculous,” Blatter told BBC Sport.

“To be frank, it is time to get tough. A severe punishment was needed to eradicate this problem from football.

“Under Fifa’s disciplinary code and code of ethics, severe sanctions could – and should – be applied in certain situations, leading even to the loss of points or relegation of a team.”

Eto’o threatened to leave the pitch after a section of Zaragoza fans racially abused him on Saturday.

“This latest incident happened to one of the world’s top players, playing for a top team in a top league,” Blatter added.

“How many other incidents – not nearly as high profile – are occurring around the world with other teams and leagues? The answer – far too many.”

Blatter also said Fifa’s executive committee intended to step up its fight against racism.

“We will keep this process moving by calling for stricter sanctions to be imposed in the fight against discrimination, and consequently for the Fifa disciplinary code to be revised and implemented by our member associations,” he added.

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