Everton chief executive Keith Wyness has told supporters that “the deal of the century” awaits if they back the club’s plans to relocate to Kirkby.

A ballot is to be conducted among Everton fans to decide on the the move to the new stadium.

But Wyness insists there is alternative to the move, which will be helped by £50m from supermarket retailer Tesco.

He said: “It is an amazing deal. The deal of the century. If the heart rules the head we will never get an opportunity like this again.

“There is no other site that we have found that will involve the same level of contribution.

“We will be left with very little debt at the end of it. The deal compares very favourably with other clubs building new stadiums. We will be getting a very nice stadium for a small amount of money.”

Wyness added: “There is a long way to go. If the fans vote in favour, which I am confident they will, we still have to go through the planning stages.

“There are potential for delays, but if everything goes smoothly, we could be ready by 2010.

“If we have to carry on at Goodison, there will be serious issues.

“Attendance numbers will go down and then revenue will go down and when that happens, you can’t compete. There is no Plan B. There is no other option.”

However, despite Wyness’ optimism, he faces a tough challenge selling the new stadium to the supporters.

A protest group, Keep Everton In Our City, has been set up to oppose the move, while the Kirkby Residents Action Group (KRAG) is upset over the idea of having a football stadium in the centre of their town.